Wildlife Carnival!

This event is a celebration of our beautiful native wildlife told through the voices of strong women in science and the arts.


Featuring “In Conversation” from leading 

scientists in the field of Little Penguins...

Diane Colombelli-Negrel & Sarah-Lena Reinhold.


Also featuring Ceramicist Jane Bamford, building natural habitats for species support.

Musical Entertainment by:

Elana Stone (NSW) and Luke Moseley (VIC)

Local KI musician, Leo Creighton

KI born & bred Sarah O’brein with friends Pearl Tassell and Doug Clark

Tickets will be available for purchase in July.



at the JAM FACTORY in Gallery Two Crafted Technology


7 MAY - 18 JULY 

Jane Bamford Little Penguin Nesting Module 2021 Stoneware

Module will be gifted to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network to be

installed into Little Penguin habitat on KI.