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About Us

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network (KIWN) is a not for profit organisation whose volunteers deliver ongoing wildlife conservation programs for all species of Kangaroo Island wildlife through environmental protection and restoration as well as direct care for rescued, orphaned or injured wildlife.


KIWN was formed in 2015 to provide a structured organisation for dedicated wildlife carers and to host co-ordinated conservation initiatives for broader community engagement.


We work closely with the Kangaroo Island Vet Clinic and South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWSA) to assist with, respond to, and assess injured wildlife. and to ensure the medical and legislative needs of our wildlife is met with the highest standards. We collaborate with these organisations to help identify suitable habitat for rehabilitated wildlife and to prioritise restoration sites into the future.


Our volunteers are continually updating our knowledge around the most appropriate native animal care by attending training seminars and conferences to ensure any native animal that comes into our hands receives the best care possible. 


KIWN also works to provide information and training to Kangaroo Island wildlife carers and the community in general by hosting workshops and disseminating written material on varying aspects of wildlife care and management.

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“A massive thank you to the kind people who came to help the injured Eagle we found on the road. You are all amazing.”

“It is so great to see that there are people out there that care enough to go out of their way to help animals in need.”

“It was such a relief that there was someone to help us when we hit a Kangaroo. They were a massive help and we can't thank you enough.”

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