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Peggy Rismiller's Fire Recovery Report #1

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Peggy Rismiller's Fire Recovery Report #2

Many of you have joined the Kangaroo Wildlife Network after the devastating bush fires that recently occurred. We are grateful for your interest, support and ongoing donations.


The fires were obviously totally devastating to wildlife on the island, in terms of mammals, reptiles, insects and birds lost, as well as the destruction of their habitats.


Immediately following the fires, our focus was on the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in partnership with the local Veterinary Clinic, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park & Rescue Centre as well as the relevant Government agencies. We are grateful to have had such wonderful people to work with. 

Where possible, our aim is to release rescued and rehabilitated wildlife back into the wild using soft-release methods.  

KIWN has also trained and coordinated Kangaroo Island community members to provide direct wildlife rescue and rehabilitation support. The ability to 'get out there and do something' has been very important to our community and has provided an outlet for grief and formed part of the communities healing process.  

In coordination with other conservation groups, KIWN has implemented four priority initiatives in response to the Kangaroo Island fire disaster; 

  • Coordinated wildlife search and rescue 

  • Burn treatment support

  • Establishment of feed, nectar and water stations for wildlife in the wild

  • Building Pygmy possum boxes and Bat boxes for deployment in the wild

KIWN, in partnership with Kangaroo Island Landscape Board, are also currently developing and enacting an immediate emergency response to save the endangered and endemic Glossy Black Cockatoo by;

We thank you for your ongoing support and interest. 

Now that the emergency has passed we can be proactive in our engagement with government and the local community with actions to prevent such a disaster in the future.

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