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Kangaroo Island Wildlife Carnival!

 Wildlife Carnival Tickets On Sale in August 2023 

The KI Wildlife Carnival is a celebration of our connection to the natural world and an opportunity to learn about Kangaroo Island's unique wildlife in a fun, informative way. We hope you leave feeling uplifted and empowered to make small changes in your daily life to protect and preserve our beautiful Island home.

Getting to Kangaroo Island:

October is a busy time on Kangaroo Island. Travel and accommodation options are limited, therefore, making arrangements in advance is recommended. You will need flight or ferry transportation to and from Kangaroo Island.

Many wonderful accommodation and camping options are available, depending on your requirements.


If you would like to buy hard copy tickets in person, please visit Kangashoes on Dauncy Street in Kingscote.

Otherwise, purchase online from our link above to Eventbrite.

Food and Beverages:

No outside food and beverages will be allowed. Local vendors will be offering a variety of food and beverages for purchase.


We encourage guests to bring along their own picnic blankets or camping chairs.

There are a limited number of seating options on site.

What about bad weather?

No need to worry, we have a back up plan in case there are weather considerations.

However, fingers crossed it's a beautiful afternoon!

What happens to the native plant donation from our ticket booking?

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network will be working with the KI Native Plant Nursery to grow the appropriate plants for habitat restoration across the Island for years to come. Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for future opportunities to volunteer or support this worthwhile cause.

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